Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Pre-Exilic Prophets

The Pre-exilic Prophets brought a collection of prophetic oracles on with editorial supplements, reinterpretation and the application to the posterior situations. Prophets like Amos brought in oracles against Israel and the touch nations. Amos perceived that there was a deterrent example law in which idol judges both Israel and its neighbors. Amos viewd that unlike earlier prophets would sentence in violation of moral property. Amos believed that GOD would deal with these nations by allowing the moral law to count its course. Amos themes consisted of first the people had jilted the responsibility that takes with privilege. Second their specific judgment would result from the perversion of morality. The final one Amos says beau ideal ordain make a special case of Israel because of its fictional of security coupled with its unconcern to the needs of otherwises. Israelites had very piddling faith. Depending on faith and tenet do these three themes tint people today. I n almost of all the Prophets they believe that if you dont believe and trust God and do right by others you will be condemned.\nHosea centers on these well-nigh related themes the first is Israel infidelity to the covenant the second is judgmental and exile. The third base theme is Hosea the potent love of Yahweh is the heart of his depicted object and provides the basics of his hope for the future. at once religious people even practice it today whether its deep down in the marriage or in their vows and its in the 10 commandments of that thou shall not consecrate adultery. People are supposititious to love God just now as he loves the church building and the people or you will be judged. In Isaiahs themes was the reign of GOD as the divine one. The second theme of Isaiahs sermon is the judgment of God that would come upon the people of Judah for their rebellion against God. The third is trust in Yahweh as for as seeing GOD as the holy one. It depends on your beliefs be cause Christians believe in Yahweh exclusively there are other ...

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